Management Team

Dr. Mohanbhai I. Patel  



He personifies the adage “simple living, high thinking”.              

Dr. Asmita Parikh

An Alumni of the Institute, she is the heart, soul and energy behind the Dynamism and Growth of this Institute.

She is Honorary Secretary of The Homoeopathic Education Society.

Our Chairman -Dr. Mohanbhai Patel

From a small village in Gujarat to one of the leading entrepreneurs of the world, Dr. Mohanbhai I. Patel has traversed a journey that many can only dream of.

As an engineer graduating from the prestigious Faraday House College of Engineering, London, Dr. Mohanbhai Patel has established a group of companies called the Patel Extrusion Group which has revolutionalised the industry. He has expanded his vision to the field of education, health, social service, rural development and establishment of Public institutions like research foundations, schools and colleges. His selfless devotion for the benefit and development of society merited him the appointment as the Sheriff of Bombay for 1984-85.

He has been the recipient of many national and international awards. In the year 1992, he was conferred the Honorary Doctorate in Science for his contribution to the fields of education and community work. He has significantly involved himself in social and community work and has worked for several environmental and civic ideals. He is involved with different social organizations in various capacities and on some of them, he has been appointed by the State Government and the Corporation.

His interest in philosophy and command over various languages is reflected through the various books that have been authored by him. Realizing that research is the backbone of growth and development, Dr. Mohanbhai Patel has been instrumental forwarding accolades to hundreds of scientists all over India.

In the field of Education ,Dr. Mohanbhai Patel has been deeply involved with a number of Central Government, State Government as well as private educational institutes, one of which is the Smt. Chandaben Mohanbhai Patel Homeopathic Medical College. A true visionary, he has been successful in creating this top class institute in the field of homeopathy with state-of-art facilities &modern amenities. This familiar figure clad in white, is often seen on the college grounds, personally involved in the day to day running of the college and the well-being of his students.

He personifies the adage “simple living, high thinking”.

Fit as a fiddle at 86, Dr. Mohanbhai Patel, a father figure to the faculty and students alike, inspires them to excel and maintain the position of the institute as the best in the field of homeopathic education.